10 Reasons Why Tough Camera Is the Best Camera for Backpackers

In my one-year travel far and wide, I locate my intense camera a perfect buddy. On the off chance that you are an explorer searching for a camera, you may get a kick out of the chance to consider an intense camera or a rough camera as well.

Little and Compact

An intense or rough camera as a rule accompanies extraordinary highlights, for example, waterproof, stun verification, squash confirmation and freeze evidence abilities. In spite of the fact that stuffed with numerous extra highlights, intense camera is little and minimized, making it simple for protection. Contrasted with a DSLR, it is more averse to pull in undesirable consideration from hoodlums and looters. Being little and minimal additionally implies it doesn’t add an excess of weight to your rucksack.


Waterproof camera is probably the best creation for explorers, as I would like to think. All, if not most, extreme cameras accompany waterproof capacities. You can take photographs when you are swimming in the pool, whitewater-boating in the stream, swimming in the ocean or making a plunge the sea. In the event that you are in Thailand during the Songkran celebration, you can celebrate and participate in the fun and with local people – toss water at each other in the city without agonizing over your camera getting wet.

Stun verification

Contingent upon the brand and model, an intense camera can be stun confirmation up to a stature of 2 meters. This implies, your camera won’t ruin on the off chance that you inadvertently drop it on the ground. A year ago, I visited a halfway house in Cambodia. The children were excited to see their faces showed up on the LCD screen of my camera and practically all mentioned to play with it. Being kids, they were cumbersome in taking care of the gear. I was happy then that mine was an intense camera.

Squash verification

Envision you were seeing the running of the bulls in Spain. All of a sudden, someone drove you from behind and your camera flew out of your hand, dropped onto the ground and got stomped on by the bulls. At the point when the residue settled after the entire occasion, you recovered your camera and found that it is as yet alive! How magnificent would it be?

Residue verification

As a spending explorer, I regularly decided to walk at whatever point conceivable as opposed to taking open transportation so as to set aside somewhat more cash to extend my excursion. I got gravely stifled by the residue as trucks and lorries thundered by when I was strolling out and about in New Delhi. In such situation, the camera can become defective when dust particles gets into the interior hardware and sensors. An extreme camera, be that as it may, is structured with fine defensive close to keep the residue.

Freeze evidence

For the most part, the exhibition of cameras break down when the temperature gets lower, making it increasingly hard to take photographs in chilly nations in the winter. In this way, in the event that you mean to go in chilly nations, or climb a snow-topped mountain, you will require a tough camera to carry out the responsibility. A decent extreme camera can enable you to go to a temperature as low as – 10 degrees Celsius (or 14 Fahrenheit).


On the off chance that you like hiking or plunging, a conservative camera that accompanies manometer will prove to be useful. It can record the height as you climb a mountain or water profundity as you jump. It will even show an admonition when you are moving toward the camera’s resilience level for its waterproof component.

In-assembled GPS

With the most recent innovative improvement, your camera can bend over as your movement manage as well. In the commercial center, we can discover intense cameras that are outfitted with in-constructed GPS framework and electronic compass. In spite of the fact that these highlights accompanies a value, they are unquestionably helpful to explorers exploring in a remote land.


For hikers, it is essential to convey a sturdy camera. Due to the “extreme” highlights, intense cameras are generally more strong than ordinary minimized cameras, in this way last more. Would you be able to envision the problem of searching for a solid camera auto shop in an outside spot and having your touring plan postponed on the grounds that you need to hold on to get your camera fixed? End of conversation.


In spite of its numerous extraordinary highlights, an intense camera is anything but difficult to utilize and works a similar path as a conservative computerized camera. The expectation to absorb information of utilizing an intense camera is no more extreme than figuring out how to utilize another reduced camera.